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This is my way of saying hello:
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
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Everyone is good at something…

Getting together — being open — appears as challenge and invitation in life.

To allow, to see the subtle difference between being present and thinking about it.

I am dedicated to “practical art”; my background is in computers, design and photography.
Driven by curiosity, with the longing to figure out how to operate in this world, in ways that serve, not exploit.

My services are pragmatic,
simple and fun-da-mental.

I use the computer for what I call “productivity coaching”: to sort out my own mental confetti, to get clear about my goals, and to know what is on my plate.

My mind is not anymore a storehouse of useless information:
I get things out of my head, and I can trust my system, because I process and review it frequently.

I call it “thinking allowed, thinking aloud”.

My website gives a hint, and www.YourCards.Click is yet another approach to share myself in this marvelous world.

It is our own attitude of openness and braveness that makes the difference.
It is our own looking and discernement that sets us free (I am not a licensed therapist or priest).

Once you get into the habit of emptying your mind, of not avoiding to look beyond the surface mind, you might want to question your therapist and priest, to be more firmly established in your inner peace.

I can only share what I discover for myself.
You have an abundance of information available on the Internet; you can figure it out all on your own.

But applying and learning can be easier when we do it together.
If you like, we might find an opportunity to meet in person, either in Pacific Grove, or via email, Skype or FaceTime, online.
“Call within the next 20 minutes
and receive a free puppy.”

Thank you for your openness, and your heartfelt humor. God has a sense for humor too, but if we don’t then we might just get a tumor.
The recent death of Prince, at age 57 made it again so clear to me that our time together is precious and finite.